General information
Note on datec. 1914, dateless
Location noteDrawn in Polička.
Former owner
OwnerBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
Owner call numbersign. PBM KSNov 665, Př. č. 33/1978 (2)
BMI call numberkres0004 - kres0011
Physical description (type, paper, dimensions)
DescriptionAutocaricatures of Bohuslav Martinů drawn by a pen. kres0004: Martinů writes, text to the drawing "Martinůbásněpíšící." ("Martinůwritingpoems.") kres0005: Martinů cunducts, text to the drawing "Martinů jako dirigent" ("Martinů as a conductor") kres0006: Martinů composes, text to the drawing "Martinůkomponinující." ("Martinůcomposing.") kres0007: Martinů composes, text to the drawing "Ještěmartinůkomponující (Skica nedoučená)" ("Martinůstillcomposing (Draftunstudied)") kres0008: Martinů rides a bicycle, text to the drawing "Martinůnotbeingabletorideabicycle." kres0009: Martinů writes a letter, text to the drawing "Martinůwritingalettertohisfriend." kres0010: Martinů plays a pipe organ, text to the drawing "Martinůplayingapipeorganandsteppingonpedals." kres0011: Martinů, text to the drawing "Martinůlistening"
NoteAutocaricatures were included in a letter to Stanislav Novák. (In this letter there are included caricatures kres0002 - kres0012)

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