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Acquiredfoto0034a-c digitized from CBM, 11/1999-10/2000; foto0034d and foto0034e copy from Czech Museum of Music, Prague (call no. 10926 Fl and 5708 Fl); foto0034 - thumbnail from auction sale at Schmolt, 08/2018
Former owner
OwnerBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
Owner call numbersign. PBM Fbm 33; sign. PBM Fbm 34; sign. PBM Fbm 35; sign. 10926 Fl; sign. 5708 Fl
BMI call numberfoto0034
Physical description (type, paper, dimensions)
DescriptionBohuslav Martinů portrait.
NoteFoto0034f is glued on a card with a quotation from La Baggare. Photography taken: Architekt Vaněk, Národní třída (National Avenue) 23, Prague

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