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Birgid von Rohden's portrait. foto0150
Vítězslava Kaprálova conducting foto0475
Karolina Martinů with her daughter Marie at Svépomoc Street 182. foto0066
Bohuslav Martinů with his friends. On the left Stanislav Novák. The other men might be either members of Novák-Frank quartet (Josef Štika and Bohumil Klabík), or K. B. Jirák. The lady might be mezzosopranist Marta Krásová. foto0072
A portrait of Vítězslava Kaprálová foto0476
Bohuslav Martinů with painter Rudolf Kundera. foto0144
A portrait photography of Charlotte Martinů foto0463
Renate von Rohden. foto0149
Bohuslav Martinů. foto0171
Atelier photography of Bohuslav Martinů writing into a score foto0179
Portrait photography of Bohuslav Martinů foto0415
A portrait of Bohuslav Martinů with French dedication to Boaz Piller. foto0404
Bohuslav Martinů and Roe Barstow foto0417
Bohuslav Martinů and Louis Kaufman foto0424
Charlotte Martinů, Bohuslav Martinů and Miloš Šafránek foto0434
Portrait of Bohuslav Martinů foto0419
Charlotte Martinů sitting on a meadow foto0460
A portrait of Charlotte Martinů foto0465
Charlotte Martinů sitting on a rock foto0466
Emploees of Bank of Polička, on the other side of the photography list of depicted men, among them Ferdinand Martinů, father of Bohuslav Martinů, and František Pražan, father of Štefa Pražanová foto0479
Vítězslava Kaprálová, Vítězslav Novák and an unidentified young man standing on street foto0480
Vítězslava Kaprálová playing with a dog foto0481
Bohuslav Martinů at view at Mont Boron mountain foto0482
František Martinů holding a young boy, Jaroslav Hynek standing between his wife Jindra and Ela Hynková, next to them Marie Martinů foto0492
František Martinů, his wife Jindra and his sister Marie Martinů standing by a wooden fence foto0493
Rudolf Firkušný playing piano on stage foto0524
Portrait photography of Bohuslav Martinů foto0486
Portrait of Bohuslav Martinů playing piano foto0528
Portrait of Bohuslav Martinů foto0529
František Martinů, Marie Martinů and Karolína Martinů standing above Bohuslav and Soňa Šmíd foto0536
portrait of a violinist, most likely Karel Novák foto0539
Miloš Šafránek wearing only shorts and wellingtons foto0548
Karolina Martinů and Marie Martinů standing in front of their house at Svépomoc with two Muzika girls foto0549
Portrait photography of Ferdinand Martinů foto0564
Karolina Martinů with a photo of Bohuslav Martinů in the background foto0569
Bohuslav Martinů and Frederick Jacobi looking into a score and sitting by a piano foto0592
Bohuslav Martinů with trees behind foto0666
Snapshot of chalet or chapel in Alps with rocky mountain in background, little figure of a man in the front (possibly Bohuslav Martinů) foto0678
Snapshot of chalet in Alps, little figure of woman sitting in shadow in the front (possibly Charlotte Martinů) foto0679
Bohuslav Martinů looking out of window with shutters, bushes in the front foto0680
Passport-type photograph of Bohuslav Martinů on white background foto0746
Portrait photographg of Charlotte Martinů in chequered costume jacket sitting foto0743
Passport-type photograph of Bohuslav Martinů in dark shirt and tie, with jacket foto0744
1950 - Passport-type photograph of Bohuslav Martinů foto0745
1893 Three-year old Bohuslav Martinů. foto0016
1895 Five-year old Bohuslav Martinů. foto0017
1896 Bohuslav Martinů as a six/seven-year old violinist, with his sister Marie. foto0018
1897 Bohuslav Martinů with Josef Černovský and his pupils. foto0019
1898 Bohuslav Martinů (on the left) with Eduard Erben. foto0020
1898 Probably eight-year old Bohuslav Martinů at the wedding of A. Klimešová. Martinů sitting on the left, Martinů's sister Marie as a bridesmaid in the middle with Jar. Hamzík, Martinů's brother František on the right. foto0021
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