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Portrait sketch of Bohuslav Martinu art0001
1981 bust of Bohuslav Martinů art0002
1990 Commemorative coin of 100 Czechoslovak Crowns made for centenary of birth of B. Martinů art0003
1990 bronze above-lifesize statue of Bohuslav Martinu standing in the park in Polička art0004
1994 bronze above-lifesize bust of Bohuslav Martinů art0005
02.11.1933 Portrait of Bohuslav Martinů art0006
1958 Bust of Bohuslav Martinu art0007
Bust of Bohuslav Martinu, bronze, 29/81 art0008
1972 Bust of Bohuslav Martinů. 20-88 art0009
Bust of Bohuslav Martinů. art0010
1975 Bust of Bohuslav Martinů. Gypsum art0011
1938 Bust of Bohuslav Martinů art0012
1946 Drawing of Bohuslav Martinů art0013
1946 art0014
1957 art0016
Bust of Bohuslav Martinu art0017
Bust of Bohuslav Martinu art0018
2008 Busta Bohuslava Martinů art0019
1965 Medal design of Bohuslav Martinu art0020
Portrait drawing of Bohuslav Martinů art0021
1973 Color litograph - portrait of Bohuslav Martinů art0022
2005 Portrait of Bohuslav Martinů art0023
1990 Lithograph of Bohuslav Martinů, reproduced from the edition of the brochure by Karel Van Eyken. Baarn. art0024
1937 Portrait drawing of Bohuslav Martinů art0025
1928 A drawing of Bohuslav Martinů behind piano art0026
1946 art0027
Colour litograph of Bohuslav Martinů art0028
Portrait of Bohuslav Martinů art0030
1989 Portrayal of Bohuslav Martinů art0031
1989 Drawing "Bohuslav Martinů – youth" art0032
1989 Painting "Gilgamesh (Hommage to B. Martinů)" art0033
1977 Painting "Hommage and B. Martinů I." art0034
1977 Painting "Hommage and B. Martinů II." art0035
1977 Painting "Hommage and B. Martinů III." art0036
1959 Drawing "In Memoriam B. Martinů" art0037
1984 The design of the Bohuslav Martinů monument art0038
1987 Painting "Homage to B. Martinů" art0039
1985 - 1986 Painting "Homage to Bohuslav Martinů – Greek Passion" art0040
1984 Portrait of Bohuslav Martinů art0041
1975 art0043
1980 Portrait of Bohuslav Martinů art0044
2001 The work "Variations on the name of Bohuslav Martinů" art0045
1974 The work "Memory of B. Martinů" art0046
1990 Portrait plaque “Bohuslav Martinu” art0047
1989 Colored dry needle “Memory of Bohuslav Martinů -1” art0048
1988 Oil painting "A memory of the travels of Bohuslav Martinů" art0049
1928 Watercolour painting “Memory of Bohuslav Martinů's concert on 11 February 1928 in Paris” art0050
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