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Mail typeLetter
SenderCopland, Aaron
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Send date16.08.1942
RecipientBoulanger, Nadia
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Acquiredprinted copy of the scanned original from the Library of Congress´s Aaron Copland Collections, BOX-folder 248/11, obtained in 01/2016. (link:
Former owner
OwnerLibrary of Congress, Washington D.C.
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Call number at IBMBou 1942-08-16
Content and physical description
ContentIntroduces her to the young composer W. Spencer Huffman, who has been descovered by Martinů, who was his professor of composition while the Tanglewood festival. Since she is going to be in Baltimore this winter, AC asks her to take a look on his music and to decide what could be done for his favour.
Total number of leafs1
Number of pages bearing text1
Markingsstamp of the LOC

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Quality of digitizingnot professional BW
Digitized atLibrary of Congress
Date of digitization2016
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Baltimore, Maryland
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