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NamePittsburgh Symphony Society
Name ENPittsburgh Symphony Society
Name CZPittsburgh Symphony Society
LocationPittsburgh, Pennsylvania
NoteThe Pittsburgh Symphony Society emanated from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra to support, encourage, and promote further interest in the arts. The Pittsburgh Symphony Society was formed in 1927 to administer the daily tasks associated with running a symphony. The Society raised funds in order to maintain an orchestra by actively soliciting corporate and individual members, running the box office, and careful accounting. The Society was also responsible for arranging contracts between musicians and conductors, along with program advertisers. The Pittsburgh Symphony Society sought to raise the profile of the symphony promoting performances in local publications, through advertisements and announcements. In order to instill a life-long appreciation of music, the Society organized frequent Young People's Concerts for local school children. The Pittsburgh Symphony Society's primary goal was to promote and financially support the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.
Reiner, Frederick Martin
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