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NameHeugel Et Compagnie
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Name CZHeugel Et Compagnie
NoteHeugel's genesis dates from January 1st, 1839, when Jacques Léopold Heugel (1815-1883) became a partner of the Paris music publisher Jean Antoine Meissonnier (1783-1857), whose business was located at 2 bis Rue Vivienne. The name was changed to Heugel following Meissonier's retirement on April 20th, 1842. 1839 also marked the acquisition of the weekly music journal Le Menestrel, which had been started six years earlier by Jules Lovy. Le Menestrel continued to be issued regularly, apart from brief disruptions in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 and in the First World War (1914-1918), until 1940 - a span of some 107 years. Building on the Meissonnier catalog of light works, Jacques Léopold rapidly expanded the firm's offerings into pedagogical and operatic repertoire, represented by composers like Jacques Offenbach, Ambroise Thomas and Léo Delibes. His son Henri Georges (1844-1916) became a full partner in 1876 and took the reigns after his father's death. Henri continued to add to the catalogue through the acquisition of other Parisian publishers such as Edmond Gérard (1882-1890), Georges Hartmann (1891), Tellier (1898), and a portion of Pérégally & Parvy (1904). Henri's nephew Paul Emile Chevalier (1861-1931) became a full partner in 1891 thanks to his funding of the Hartmann purchase, taking over the firm's direction from 1916-1919, while Henri's son Jacques Paul (1890-1979) served in the Great War. Jacques Paul led the firm from 1919 until his death. His two sons Francois Henri and Philippe Gerard led the merger with Alphonse Leduc in 1980.
Heugel, Pierre
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