General information
Indication of source354/[R4]
Title of compositionThe Opening of the Springs / The Opening of the Wells, H 354
Class of sourceMusical source
Abbreviation of sourceR4
Type of sourceReproduction - period copy
Closer specification of typereproduction of A, sent to Jan [Novák?]
Author Martinů, Bohuslav
Language 1Czech
Language 2
Date of origin
Note on date of origin
Place of origin
Place of origin 2
Note on place of origin
Physical description
Diplomatic transcription of title page
Number of parts
Number of leafs
Number of pages bearing notation
Total number of pages
Original pagination
Note on pagination
Dimensions (width x height)
Arrangement of section of pages
Paper characteristics
Maker of paper (company)
Number and arrangement of staves
Total span of staves
Distance between staff lines
Writing instrument
Diplomatic transcription of performing forces - 1st page of score
Content of various pages
Markings by B. Martinů
Other markings
CommentsThe only mention about the fourth copy [R4] is in the letter to the family in Polička. The recipient of this copy is difficult to determine. The most probably person is former Martinů's student, Czech composer Jan Novák, although in other letters he never name him "Jenda" (from letter Mar 1955-07-16). Although no relevant documents exist to the support the history of [R4]. Is it very likely that, as in the case of R1 and R2, [R4] did not contain any corrections by Martinů because he had no accessto the copy after it was sent.
Owner of source
Place of deposition
Call number
Acqusition number
Former owner
Former owner 2
Note on ownership
Date of acquisition
Call number of copy at BM Institute
Date of acquisition at BM Institute
Note on acquisition
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