General information
Call number at BM Institute354/PS2
Title of composition The Opening of the Springs / The Opening of the Wells - H 354
Class of sourceMusical source - printed source
Type of sourcePrinted score
Closer specification of typeprinted score
Šolc, Karel
Language 1Czech
Language 2English
Date of origin1957
Note on date of origin17th July 1957 Martinů signed an agreement
Place of originPrague
PublisherStátní nakladatelství krásné literatury, hudby a umění (Státní nakladatelství krásné literatury, hudby a umění / State Publishing House of Literature, Music and Arts)
Note on originsecond edition
Publisher cat. number2122
Physical description
Diplomatic transcription of title page[title page 1:] Dedicated to Miloslav Bureš and our Highlands | Miloslav Bureš und unserem Heimatland gewidmet | BOHUSLAV MARTINŮ | OPENING OF THE WELLS | DAS MAIFEST DER BRÜNNLEIN | to verses by - auf Verse von | MILOSLAV BUREŠ | For Women´s Choir, Soprano, Alto, Baritone solo (reciter) and two violins, viola and piano | Für Frauenchor, Sopran, Alt, Bariton solo (Rezitator) und für zwei Violinen, Bratsche und Klavier | EXPORT.
Total number of pages40 + 4 (obal/cover)
CommentsOn 17 July 1957 Bohuslav Martinů signed an agreement with SNKLHU for the second edition; this agreement retains the paragraph that requires the author of thw work to take part in the proofreading free of charge. Although the score is practically identical in from to the first edition (PS1a, b), this second edition does include several corrections that concur with those in PS1bA1. However, it is not clear in what way Martinů sent the amendments to the publishing house. The bar lines are filled in on p. 1, bb. 5 and 6 in the Pf. B. 48 of the Vla on p. 12 bears the corrected notes g and f. B. 189 in the Alto solo has a corrected e♭'. The missing octave is added to bb. 227-34 in the Pf m.d. B. 274 is corrected to e♭'. The other mistakes were left uncorrected, however (see BurM 1959-02-09), for example bar 119 in the S solo, where both PS1a, b and PS2 erroneously state g' (instead of a' in A). Unlike the later editions, the second one was not published with a list of corrections. Presumably it is for these reasons that the subsequent edition of the score from 1965 is again designated as 2nd edition.
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