General information
Call number at BM Institute360/PS
Title of composition The Legend of the Smoke from Potato Tops - H 360
Class of sourceMusical source - printed source
Type of sourcePrinted score
Closer specification of typefirst printed edition of the score
Language 1Czech
Language 2English
Date of origin1960
Place of originPrague
PublisherStátní nakladatelství krásné literatury, hudby a umění (Státní nakladatelství krásné literatury, hudby a umění / State Publishing House of Literature, Music and Arts)
Publisher cat. numberH 2996
Physical description
Diplomatic transcription of title page[title page 1:] Dedicated to Mrs. Frances Ježek | Frau Frances Ježek gewidmet | BOHUSLAV MARTINŮ | LEGEND FROM THE SMOKE OF POTATO FIRES | LEGENDE | AUS DEM RAUCH DES KARTOFFELKRAUTES | to verses by - auf Verse von | MILOSLAV BUREŠ | For mixed choir, soprano, alto, baritone (bass) solo | and flute, clarinet, horn, accordeon and piano | Für gemischten Chor, Sopran, Alt, Bariton, (Bass) solo | und für Flöte, Klarinette, Horn, Akkordeon und Klavier | EXPORT . ARTIA . PRAGUE | CZECHOSLOVAKIA [title page 2:] Věnováno paní Frances Ježkové | BOHUSLAV MARTINŮ | LEGENDA | Z DÝMU BRAMBOROVÉ NATI | na text básně | MILOSLAVA BUREŠE | Pro smíšený sbor, soprán, alt, baryton (bas) sólo | a pro flétnu, klarinet, lesní roh, harmoniku a klavír | STÁTNÍ NAKLADATELSTVÍ | KRÁSNÉ LITERATURY, HUDBY A UMĚNÍ . PRAHA 1960
Total number of pages49
Dimensions (width x height)233 x 330 mm
CommentsThe first edition of the score and parts by SNKLHU in 1960. PS was revised by Markéta Kühnová, was based on "the reproduction by the Czech Choir, as the author wished" (thus apparently from [CS]) and the editor of the printed edition was Marek Kopelent. Martinů gave conductor Jan Kühn hus permission to make corrections to the score (BurM 1957-01-09; BurM 1957-01-12; BurM 1957-02-16). Besides the score, the choral and orchestral parts were also produced. The graphic design and the languages used are analogous to Opening of the Springs. The English-German title page is followed by the Czech one with dedication, preface by Jiří Berkovec and its English and German translations and the duration of the cantata as 23 minutes. This is followed by 49 pages of musical text. Under the Czech lyric the English and German translations are underlaid. Authors of the translations are Kurt Honolka (German) and Iris Urwin (English). Unlike in A, all the abbreviated notes are written out in full and some of the passages in free time are sectioned with bar lines (bb. 229, 377). However, in bb. 187 and 188 in Pf the repeat marking from A, which is in conflict with the change of metre, is replaced by rests in PS. In contrast to A, the printed score adds several tempo designations (for example, bb. 185, 211, 377) and dynamic markings (bb. 101, 155, etc.), though conversely, some dynamic markings are absent (bb. 20, 25, 28, 29, etc.). Missing vocals are replaced in many places with "mormorando" (for example, bb. 25, 34). Martinů's characteristic notation of Pf, which eliminates the ledger lines and occasionally causes confusion regarding the division between right and left hand, is amended in PS. Due to its connection to the first performance of the work, the current edition uses PS as a referential source.
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